Keep Your HVAC System Running Better, Longer With Routine Maintenance

An HVAC maintenance technician holds meter readers

Running into unexpected HVAC problems can make your life more stressful. These things usually happen when you need your heating or cooling the most. For instance, you do not want your heating to break down in the middle of winter, then only to call and schedule an emergency visit from an HVAC specialist.

You can avoid the stress, and avoid the expensive emergency fees, by taking proper care of your HVAC system with routine maintenance. The primary purpose of regular maintenance is to extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. This makes it possible to spot any potential problems early on, and will also give you a better look at where parts might break down or discover an area where your system is not running as efficiently.

By solving the problem with efficiency, you will then lower what you have been spending on your monthly utility bills. When your HVAC system has to work harder to heat or cool your home, that means more money is draining from your wallet. Dirty units, or even just an air filter than needs replacing, can use up to 20 percent more energy to warm your home.

Regular maintenance will drastically cut back on the chance that your home will need an emergency visit to fix your HVAC system. That emergency visit will end up costing you much more than a simple maintenance visit, and if you can resolve as many potential problems early on, you can put those fears aside and rest more easily.

During a routine visit, your HVAC technician will inspect and clean any necessary parts that are not looking or performing their best. This could also mean making the right adjustments, checking for leaks, tightening connections, and even lubricating moving parts. If any severe problem is found, your technician will talk it through with you, explaining what needs repair and why it’s important.

Don’t wait to call an HVAC professional until you need it most and schedule your routine inspection today. Call us at 616-383-4625 to have our experienced staff help you with your heating and cooling needs. From our transparent installation walkthroughs to our custom ductwork, Lumberjack HVAC is unlike any other heating or plumbing company. We’re a whole-home heating and air conditioning service specialist.

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