Water Heaters

Residential water heater pricing below includes all materials, installation, permit, and city inspection.

40-50 Gallon Basic Electric

$1439 - $1543
Standard Tank-Style Electric Water Heater

40-50 Gallon Basic Gas-fired

$1465 - $1941
Standard Tank-Style Gas Water Heater connected to masonry or metal chimney

40-75 Gallon Gas-fired Power-vented

$2146 - $2946
Power-vented Tank-Style Gas Water Heater connected to PVC exhaust pipe

Tankless, Wall Mount Gas-fired

$3345 - $3874
High-efficiency, gas-fired Tankless style water heater mounted on wall or stand

96% High-efficiency 50-75 Gallon Gas

$4566 - $5234
Ultra High-efficiency gas fired water heater with extra-fast recovery connected to PVC intake and exhaust pipes

Not all makes/models may be available due to current supply chain disruptions. Please call for availability.