Heating and Air Conditioning Service to Make You Smile.

And when your home feels good, you feel good. But it’s not enough to hire just any HVAC company. You need a strong, dependable professional willing to do the very best job possible. You need Lumberjack HVAC.


Strength and responsibility, dedication and labor.

Words to describe a lumberjack? Of course. They also describe our technicians, who have the skills, knowledge, and craftsmanship to keep your home in good shape through all seasons.

HVAC Services on a home heating unit provided by Lumberjack HVAC

We’re a whole-home specialist.

From our transparent installation walkthroughs to our custom ductwork, Lumberjack HVAC is unlike any other heating or plumbing company. We’re a whole-home heating and air conditioning service specialist. A small business dedicated to the communities we serve. At the end of every long day, rely on the prompt responses, skilled craftsmanship, and emergency services our team of supremely qualified technicians provides.