Indoor Air Quality

Do you want to know how to improve indoor air quality? View our individual pricing options below for select ventilation services. Prices include all materials and installation.
Duct sealing

Duct Leak Sealing

Starting at $425
Seal the joints and leaks in your duct system to improve airflow to the rooms throughout your entire home.

UV Air Purifier

Kill infectious disease, bacteria, and mold as well as lower VOC's in your home with a UV air purifier.

Media Air Cleaners

$562 - $812
Filter the air better and go longer between filter changes with a media air cleaner.

TERSUS Air Purifier

$1835 - $2019
All-in-one solution to filter, disinfect, and purify the air in your entire home.

Whole-Home Humidifiers

$597 - $702
Maintain comfortable moisture levels, prevent damage to wood floors and furniture, and keep your skin and sinuses from drying out this winter.

Whole-Home Dehumidifiers

$2291 - $3468
High-capacity dehumidifiers used to remove moisture from living areas, basements, and crawl-spaces. Prevents damage caused by mold and moisture in your home.

Not all makes/models may be available due to current supply chain disruptions. Please call for availability.